Tom M Allen's Colorado - Episode 3

Park County Road 77 runs a little over 40 miles from Lake George, Colorado to Jefferson through the town of Tarryall and past the Tarryall Reservoir. The landscape seen from the road is varied and beautiful. This video shows a small portion of the road's visual offerings.

I really struggled with what I would make for the final episode of Dad's Father's Day gift. And after stumbling onto a beautiful box canyon off of Tarryall Road, I had my answer. Tarryall Road has an extremely varied landscape, all of it incredibly beautiful. I found that this episode has my favorite imagery of any that I have shot with my drone. Much of the footage of this episode was used in the "Traveling Tarryall Road" video for upload to my own channel.

Tom M Allen's Colorado - Episode 2

This is the second episode of my Dad's Father's Day gift. This one is about some of the old mining structures in the Victor, Colorado Gold Camp. The mines shown here are the Independence, the Theresa, and the Vindicator.

Traveling Tarryall Road

With my DJI Mavic, I've recently gathered a bunch of imagery for a Fathers Day project that I was putting together. The most recent piece of the project was about Park County Road 77, also known as Tarryall Road. The journey along the road really has a lot of amazingly beautiful landmarks to see.

Return to Vindicator Valley

While filming the mines near Victor, Colorado for another project, I gathered a lot of great footage. So I thought I'd throw something together to share some of it. In order, the mines shown are the Independence, the Vindicator, and the Theresa.

Tom M Allen's Colorado - Episode 1

Hi, Dad! Here is the first episode of your Father's Day gift. This episode covers the high plains section of U.S. Highway 24 that you said you enjoy driving. If you're at all curious, I've also put together a journal post about the making of this video. It can be found at

Tom M Allen's Colorado - Trailer

This is the trailer to a video series I'm making for my Dad as a Father's Day gift.

Happy Father's Day, Dad! Here is the preview for the episodes that will make up Tom M Allen's Colorado, a series of shorts that will be either documentarian or informative in nature and have the best video I can take.

Bonus Video - Exploring Southern Park County

Just after Wilkerson Pass heading west on U.S. 24 is this area. It's just south of the highway on Park County Road 59. The area is surrounded with high plains. Mountains lie to the north and northwest, and forests lie to the south and east. This video was filmed on my DJI Mavic Pro.

Bonus Video - Snow on May 19th

I actually currently studying for the FAA part 107 exam. But with such a beautiful morning outside, I just had to take a little time to go film it with my Mavic Pro. I cleared a spot on my driveway for the drone to take off and land, and I got started.

Bonus Video for Episode 13 - Atmospheric Music

This is the same footage used for the experiment in Episode 13. But the music has been changed to a more atmospheric sounding composition. The music used in this is by Kai Engel and is called Snowfall (Intro). I'm using it under the Creative Commons International 4.0 license (

Episode 13 - Music Makes the Movie

In this episode, I experiment a little with applying different types music to the same drone footage to see how the feeling of the finished product is changed. In this episode, I use several pieces of footage. They are all from the Free Music Archive at

Bonus Video: The Mines of Victor, Colorado - with the DJI Mavic Pro

I was out again with my drone, this time near the upper elevation town of Victor, Colorado. With a rich mining past, Victor has many remains from building used in the mining for gold. I know that I am missing the Independence Mine. But on the day I filmed this, they were conducting blasting near there.

Episode 10 - Try art to influence your photography

I've recently given a try at learning to paint. It has changed the way that I look at the world around me, including when I'm looking through the camera's viewfinder. In this episode, I talk about that experience. This is really just an introduction to the idea.

Episode 9 - Turning a Room Into a Camera

In this episode, I turn a spare room into a camera obscura using black plastic sheeting and some masking tape. The camera obscura is the oldest form of camera, possibly going back tens of thousands of years. But its basic design is still integral to every camera over produced. 

Episode 8 - The Empty Chair Project

I'm starting a new, long term photography project that will be based around pictures of an empty directors' chair in different settings. I explain in this video.

Episode 7 - Old Houses at Spinney

I went out to search for something to take pictures of locally and stumbled on a couple of old houses in and around the Spinney Mountain State Wildlife Area. So the 4x5 camera came out and I got some shots on Ilford FP4 Plus film.

Episode 6 - Trying Direct Positive Paper

Now that both my Jeep and my shoulder are working again, I'm able to get back at making videos. In this episode, I'm trying out Harman direct positive paper. The paper takes the place of film in the camera and yields a positive print.

Episode 5 - To be among aspen trees

This is very different from the previous episodes. Instead of creating a video with an informational angle, I've created this to be pure creativity. In this video, I take you on a journey to the aspen trees then through them. And I finish off with some still photos.